WYCC’s Mystery Marathon is approaching its 15th Anniversary and we want to hear from you!

Submit your video by March 27th for a chance to be featured on-air and on social media as part of our

15th Anniversary Mystery Marathon!  

Video Submission Guidelines:

-Taken in landscape (horizontal) view if captured on phone camera.

-Make sure all subjects in video are well lit. 

-Audio should be clear and audible. (Stay away from interference of outside noises, sirens, other people talking.)

-Less than 30 seconds in length.

-Tell us who you are, why you love Mystery Marathon, and what it has meant to you or your family!

Below is a simple script you can follow:

                -Hello! My name is_____________________

                -I watch WYCC’s Mystery Marathon because____________________

                -Mystery Marathon has been_____________________(Ex. a holiday tradition, something I watch with my family, etc.)

                -Our favorite mystery/detective is______________________because_____________________

                -Happy 15th Anniversary from__________________________


-Please upload and send a link to your video via YouTube or a free file transfer program like WeTransfer to deliver us your video.  

-Please send the link or file of your video to egreen2@wycc.org by March 27th