Mina Adibpour - Associate Producer

Aug. 7, 2012 by Nicole V. Rohr

Mina Adibpour, Associate Producer

WYCC Associate Producer Mina Adibpour has big plans for her life, and some of them seem to be happening all at once. She got engaged, started a new job and is making time for plenty of travel. In the midst of all that change, Adibpour has contributed quite a bit of energy to the station in the short two months she has been here. Her fondness for engaging storytelling is quite clear as she makes crazy faces and uses sound effects to tell someone about her weekend.

Adibpour studied media arts and design with a focus on motion graphics at James Madison University in Virginia. She had always loved special effects and animation, but did not want to sit behind a computer all day at work. A D.C. native, Adibpour chose to move to New York instead of Los Angeles, so that she could be closer to her family. A class at NYU in 2005 began her refocus on film production.

Her 72-hour work week began to drag on her once she began working in film in New York. “I really love film, I really love all aspects of it – the creativity, the final piece and seeing what I help make,” Adibpour explained, “but I also value my relationships, my friendships, and my free time.”

Adibpour moved to various television productions at CBS, NBC, ABC and the Discovery Channel (including two fantastic Elvis specials for ABC). Her work/life balance became more manageable so that she could foster the relationships that were important to her, and she moved to Chicago this year to be near her fiancé and to join the team at WYCC. Professionally, she focuses on documentary work, but her mother taught her early on to make time in her personal life to see the world. In the photo above, Adibpour experiences a moment of euphoria and accomplishment captured on her trek up Huayna Picchu which overlooks the stunning ruins of Machu Picchu (Spring 2008).

“My mom doesn’t travel a lot, but she’s always been very influential… Learn about different cultures, open your mind, don’t judge people,” Adibpour said. “It’s very important because sometimes you have no idea what [someone’s] going through or what is happening.”

Adibpour’s mother is Filipino and her father is Persian, or Iranian. She said that meeting other people with a similar background makes her somewhat nostalgic. “It’s been an interesting kind of life, living in America but having parents from two very different cultural backgrounds,” she said. “I appreciate it more as an adult than I did as a child.”

Adibpour recently took a nine-week trip to Southeast Asia, and got a chance to visit family in the Phillipines. She has set a goal to annually visit one new city in the U.S. and one new city internationally. She has achieved that goal almost every year since college. Adibpour hopes to get in more writing time as a part of her experience at WYCC, and she will be getting married soon. She has big plans, and WYCC is certainly happy she’s here.

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