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Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts  - WYCC - TV / Channel 20

The Assistant Director, Grants and Contracts works directly with the WYCC leadership team, Vice Chancellor of Development and the Executive Director, Grants and Contracts.  The position is responsible for the administration of a comprehensive grant development strategy, for writing proposals for both unrestricted operating revenue and restricted projects, and for submitting timely and accurate reports for all existing grant funded projects. The Assistant Director, Grants and Contracts also tracks and supports the implementation, evaluation and compliance of funded projects.

  • Works as a member of the District-wide Grants Team to research, identify, evaluate, and plan grant proposals to federal, state, private and corporate sources of funding on behalf of WYCC and City Colleges of Chicago.
  • Directs and plans grant writing activities for the District with a focus on Reinvention goals, which includes working with key personnel at the District level through gathering data, and coordinating internal and external partnerships.
  • Gathers necessary data, reads RFPs and supports/analyzes the development of program/project budgets.
  • Acts as a major stakeholder in the whole grant lifecycle through the development of proposals, the facilitation of funded projects and closing of grants through reporting specific information and data to respective funding agencies in a timely manner.
  • Serves as the liaison to the District Office Development Department.
  • Plans, organizes, and coordinates grant opportunities process. Meets with top level administrators to determine organizational strategies to determine the realm of grants applicable to WYCC and its mission.
  • Researches federal, state and private publications and databases to locate grants applicable to the needs of WYCC and the District. Develops tracking systems so grant opportunities can be logged, reviewed, and shared throughout the District.
  • In addition, develops systems for all applied grants to log approval, rejection, progress, and/or completion.
  • Disseminates grant solicitations to appropriate administrators for their review.
  • Reviews completed grant applications to ensure compliance, clarity, thoroughness, and accuracy. Completes grant applications that affect central operations. Reviews all contract agreements in conjunction with Office of
  • Development and/or General Counsel to ensure compliance.
  • Consistently reviews the progress of all approved grant agreements to ensure compliance. Assists in the completion of progress reports for approved grants to inform funding agency and top administrators of activity.
  • Responds to requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for qualifications (RFQ) on behalf of the District, develops letters of intent, project summaries, grant narratives, summarizations and other documents.
  • Creates grant submission documents in accordance with guidelines of the funding source.
  • Obtains letters of support from stakeholders, as well as active supporters and uses various formats for grant and other philanthropic requests including written inquiry, proposal, and computer submissions.
  • Attends pre-proposal meetings to gather information and network.
  • Establishes relationships with external funders and philanthropic entities on behalf of the District in order to enhance opportunities for both financial and nonfinancial benefits.
  • Develops relationships with other academic institutions, businesses, government agencies, etc. for public/private submissions and other collaborative purposes, and cultivates these relationships through conversations, writing, and/or attending meetings.
  • Assists in determining short, mid, and long-range goals, objectives and outcomes, in order to develop appropriate proposals for requisite exploration.
  • Develops timelines for grant submissions in order to assure that deadlines are observed and establishes a system for proof-reading and grant analysis to ensure that submissions meet the criteria of the grantor or philanthropic entity.
  • Assesses short and long range funding that align with the District’s Reinvention Initiative and strategic plan and WYCC’s implementation into those plans.
  • Works with internal and external teams to align information, data, and research with initiatives of WYCC to produce outstanding grant proposals for operations, programming and content.
  • In collaboration with the Grants Team develops a prospective funding database to track funding and timelines for project development.
  • Communicates grant and contract procedures through bi-annual training/information sessions to ensure regulations and grant programs adhere to the policies of the District Office.
  • Attends external grant training and funding information sessions for potential opportunities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 

Perks of this Role:  Excellent Benefits at a low cost; Investment plans 403


Assists in the development, research and writing of intellectual and creative content for various uses as determined by WYCC.

  • Writes intellectual and creative content for programs in production at WYCC studios. Schedules and interviews subject matter experts for background and factual information. Conducts research on internet, at libraries, museums, historical archives and similar facilities.
  • Accompanies staff Videographers to locations where video will be recorded and used in the production of packages and stories for broadcast, clients and City Colleges.
  • Scans documents, logs footage and duplicates DVD’s for inclusion in video packages for broadcast, clients and City Colleges.
  • Provides content for WYCC.org and updates accordingly.
  • Directs video editing sessions to ensure that production goals set by supervisors are met. Tasks include, but are not limited to time, picture and audio quality, subject matter and tone/mood of final product.
  • Will perform various duties as needed for WYCC events and productions, both broadcast and non-broadcast, including directing people to seats in a theatre, helping staff booths at trade shows, carrying equipment to video locations and other similar tasks during scheduled hours.
  • May provide graphics, marketing and web site support for specialized assignments.
  • May provide clerical and front office duties as assigned.
  • Performs additional related assignments made by the Senior Producer.

Perks of this Role:  Excellent Benefits at a low cost; Investment plans 403(b) & 457(b); SURS Retirement Plan; Generous vacation, holidays, personal and sick days; Tuition Reimbursement.  For a more detailed overview of benefits please visit our benefits page.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Television Production, Theater, Communication, Journalism, English or other appropriate field. Master’s degree preferred. A combination of education and experience may be taken into consideration based on the applicant’s credentials.
  • Two years of experience producing, writing, and producing video or web projects.
  • Working knowledge of broadcast equipment, word processing programs, spreadsheet usage, and general computer skills.
  • Knowledge of FCC regulations & federal/state laws governing broadcasting.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
  • Demonstrated ability to use the internet for research.


Chicago residency is required for all full-time employees within 6 months of hire.   We are an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Click Here to apply!



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We offer internships with the following departments:

  • Television Production (media departments)
  • Interactive (writing samples required, social media literate - great for bloggers/graphic artists)
  • Membership (administrative support)

For more information about internships, please contact WYCC Production Coordinator Toni Reed at 773-487-3651 or treed@wycc.org.