To apply for any of the opportunities listed below, please send a cover letter and resume to hr@wycc.org. Click on the job title for more information.

Director of Engineering and Operations


The Director of Broadcast Operations & Engineering is responsible for maintaining broadcast systems for WYCC – Channel 20; operation and maintenance of station television studio equipment; and ensuring compliance with FCC guidelines and regulations

  • Ensures television studio meets all the requirements for daily production and broadcasting.
  • Repairs and adjusts complex electronic systems for the generation and transmission of television signals.
  • Researches and analyzes products, systems and methods currently utilized or being developed to remain current on broadcast trends.
  • Designs systems for maximum utilization and efficiency with regard to cost, maintenance, performance and integration.
  • Develops and writes equipment specifications and requisitions to replace and upgrade systems; obtains costs and secures vendors.
  • Constructs and installs systems, components and interconnects for television facilities.
  • Supervises operations staff and students in maintaining proper signal levels for recording and transmitting television programs.
  • Provides instruction to staff and students on the proper handling, adjustments, system configuration and required signal levels to properly operate components and systems for best performance.
  • Coordinates work schedules and assignments for staff members.
  • Interviews, hires and performs written assessments on staff members.
  • Performs duties as assigned.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, Computer Science or a related field, supplemented by six (6) years of progressive experience in broadcasting is required.
  • Excellent knowledge of television operations, digital editing/recording/camera, master control equipment, broadcast services, digital storage equipment, satellite dish components, LNA equipment and other set-up/maintenance equipment is essential.
  • Knowledge of FCC technical regulations, UHF transmitter maintenance expertise, layout interpretation skills and planning experience also required.
  • Knowledge of analog and digital electronics, television systems integration and mechanical drawing/architecture experience preferred.
  • Must possess familiarity with master control and studio operations.
  • Ability to instruct others in the operation, maintenance and proper handling of television transmission equipment.
  • FCC licensure and/or SBE certification preferred.

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We offer internships with the following departments:

  • Television Production (media departments)
  • Interactive (writing samples required, social media literate - great for bloggers/graphic artists)
  • Membership (administrative support)

For more information about internships, please contact WYCC Production Coordinator Toni Reed at 773-487-3651 or treed@wycc.org.