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Sullivan High School Receives New College & Career Access Suite

On October 22nd, WYCC PBS Chicago staffers were proud to join in on the fun and festivities at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to announce the new College & Career Access Suite at Roger C. Sullivan High School.

Student leaders and seniors at Sullivan, Devon Fedrick and Isis Courtney, noted the importance of this new learning center with the latest technology and open access to research potential career and college opportunities. The funding and equipment for the College & Career Access Suite was provided through a partnership with Cap One and The Heart of America Foundation. Umoja Student Development Corporation will provide career and college counseling to students. The new Peace Center featuring a Restorative Justice program and a new fitness center are a few of the new additions reflecting Sullivan's Principal, Chad Adams' exciting plans for the school.



Bully Poster cmyk.jpg It's National Bullying Prevention Month

Anti-Bullying Classroom Resources

In recognition of Bullying Prevention Month, use this lesson plan to help your students explore bullying as a failure of democracy, which is the political system we have that guarantees everyone equal rights. LESSON PLAN: Bullying.

Cyber-bullying Grades 7-12

How can you stop cyber-bullying, which is defined as one or more children who targets another through technology such as the Internet, cell phones or other devices, using them to threaten, harass or embarrass? 

Not in Our Town Grades 6-13+

Not In Our Town highlights communities working together to stop hate. The videos and connected lesson guides and activities highlight and celebrate people who have developed creative anti-bias programs and responses. 

Martha Walks the Dog Grades K-5

Use this video for Session 6 of the MARTHA SPEAKS Reading Buddies program. Students watch the video, in which Martha tries to find out why the new dog in town is so loud and mean. 

October - News and Noteworthy

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 Checking In on No Child 



It's 2014. All children, under federal law, are supposed to

be at grade level. They're not. What happened?

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