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During the months of January and February 2015, the August Wilson Education Project will equip and empower educators to engage their students in meaningful projects and learning opportunities around the life, work, and cultural impact of August Wilson.

WYCC PBS Chicago, jumps into the August Wilson Education Project by providing fun, engaging, informative and educational opportunities for the young people of Chicago’s IMPACT Family Center. This project is designed to help them learn about August Wilson and incorporate his themes into their contemporary experiences. A combination of activities including classes in writing, acting and stage craft, preparation for the annual August Wilson monologue competition, a trip to see The Piano Lesson performed by the University of Illinois, Chicago and a special preview of The Ground on Which I Stand will help students think about the project’s primary question, “What extraordinary 21st century stories do you have to tell about yourself and your community?”

Over the next two months, we invite you to visit this webpage regularly to follow the project and the experiences of the students at the IMPACT Family Center.  For more information about the American Masters documentary, the August Wilson Education Project, the August Wilson monologue competition or the IMPACT Family Center, click on the highlighted links.

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IMPACT's - "August Wilson Ed Project" Student Blog on Wordpress


"I really love the warm-ups and the theater games because it makes me feel like an actor on Broadway. Our instructors are amazing. They are very nice, hilarious, and very down to earth. I would definitely recommend this program to kids who really love to act and have a lot of confidence because confidence is a very important thing when it comes to performing. Also with me having autism, this program gives me the opportunity to express myself, and I love expressing myself. Overall, the August Wilson program is amazing!!! Thanks WYCC for this great opportunity!"

Jada, IMPACT Family Center


"August Wilson is a great writer who wrote 10 plays and they are very good because they deal with life. I think the August Wilson program will improve me personally because it will bring out my talent."

Aaliyah, IMPACT Family Center



Meet the Odd Squad!

On January 19th, PBS KIDS airs a one-hour special of the highly anticipated new live-action series “Odd Squad,” followed by a full week of new episodes!

Introduce your class to the Odd Squad kid special agents with the following resources designed for grades K-3 to explore concepts in arithmetic and geometry.

1)The Odd Squad Collection
2)Giant Sighting
3)Shape Crystals
4)Welcome to the Break Room
5)Raining Cats and Dogs
6)Welcome to the Games Roombanner-check-out-Odd-Squad.jpg
7)How to Deal with a Saffron Slimer
8)How to Deal with a Spider-Cat Bite
9)Welcome to the North Control Room
10)How to Deal with a Tiggle or a Taggle

Best Practices For Using Media in the Classroom

  • Preview media
  • Select short segments (Approx. 5 mins or less)
  • Check for prior understanding 
  • Leave lights on
  • Play video and discuss
  • Check again for understanding and discuss
  • Play video multiple times until students understand content
  • Do a supporting activity to re-enforce learned content

January 2015 - News and Noteworthy

Enter the PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators Program

This yearlong professional development program is designed to reward, foster and grow a community of 100 tech-savvy educators making an impact in their classrooms.

Click the link above to learn how to apply. Applications accepted until February 11, 2015.

August Wilson Monologue and Scholarship Competition -2015

Students perform a 2-3 minute monologue of their choosing from one of the ten plays in August Wilson’s Century Cycle.

Click here to download the 2015 August Wilson Monologue Competition Application. 

Application Deadline: January 26th, 2015. Space is limited. Apply today!

A Close Reading of Text:

"Letter From a Birmingham Jail"

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To learn how to do a close reading of text, watch this Professional Development Video from EngageNY's Common Core Video Series.

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