Chicago Cubs Fan of the Year & a New Generation of Hope

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In many ways, Natalie Adorno is a typical high school freshman at Guerin College Preparatory High School. She balances her days at school, with homework, friends and volleyball practice. Like many, she is a Cubs fan, but in that regard she is anything but typical.

Adorno’s love of the Chicago Cubs started early, a passion inherited from her parents. When she was eleven, they bought season tickets and she got a chance most fans only dream off.

“They had picked me to say ‘play ball’ in the press box and from then on everyone started recognizing me,” Adorno says.

Soon, the little girl with the big love for the Chicago Cubs was spreading her enthusiasm around section 527, an area once filled with strangers is now a family to her. She was even given the nickname Superfan Natalie.  When she created a Twitter account to share her experiences at games, she became an instant celebrity.

“The players started recognizing me more so then they started tweeting me and so did the Cubs organization” says Adorno. 

But being a super fan in the fickle world of social media hasn’t always been easy for Adorno. Three years ago a disgruntled fan took to Twitter, bringing controversy to her enthusiasm by calling her cheering “annoying.”

“I don’t think I cheer too loud,” she says. “We are outside and we are at a ballgame, I think we are supposed to cheer.”

Like the Chicago Cubs, Adorno hasn’t given up, gaining recognition from sportcasters, landing on the front page of the Daily Herald newspaper, and being named the 2016 Cubs Fan of the Year.

“This is the bat I got for being the Cubs Fan of the Year that I recently won” says Adorno showing memorabilia ranging from Wayne Mesmer’s hat, Ernie Banks’ autograph and Travis Wood’s jersey, all given by the players themselves.

 This year is different, she says. The curse of the once lovable losers has been crushed in her mind by fresh faces on the team, and a management that is taking them so far in recent years.

As the tension of the series build, Adorno brings the innocence of a new generation to her beloved team, a heart that is a reminder to never give up, and the belief that this could be the year for the Chicago Cubs.