Student Lens: Greg Murray & the Radio Industry- What Does it Take?

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By Toma Talpa

Music has always had a special place in Greg Murray’s heart, stemming from his teenage years when he first discovered his passion for radio. Greg Murray, an award-winning radio personality from Fort Worth, Texas, remembers his years in the Navy where, for the first time, he got the opportunity to be a nightclub DJ. From there, he ventured into the broadcast world as an on-air personality and fell in love with radio.

Young and full of energy, Murray got his first break at WIGY-FM in Bath, Maine and from there his career evolved. Growing up in the world of radio in Portland, Maine, he was awarded Maine’s Best DJ two years in a row. After moving to Chicago, he won numerous awards from The Illinois Broadcasters Association for producing radio commercials. He met artists like Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, Lionel Richie or Rihanna, to name just a few. While the job allowed him to meet many of the finest artists in the music industry, it also required discipline, a trait Murray has come to embrace.  “You have to keep your groupie-ism locked deeply within you,” Murray says.

With all his accomplishments, Murray recalls the proudest moment of his career in Michigan where he walked in for a job one day, and was on the radio that night. Another success, flipping the switch on his southern drawl, training his voice, and meeting the demands of the competitive radio industry. 

Ffter working for thirty years in the radio industry, Murray now works at Kennedy-King College as the WKKC-FM program director and as a radio broadcast instructor where he spreads his passion for radio to students who want to pursue a career in this field.

“Radio is not dead,” Murray says of the evolving industry.  For those with the persistence, Murray’s advice is to “get your niche together so that you can apply your niche to the radio format and that will make you stand out among others”.